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Epoxy Red Oxide Primer H53-2

Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2 is mainly prepared by epoxy resin, curing agent, dispersant, and aggregates depend on requirements.
  • H53-2

  • IMS

  • Custom color

  • 2.38

  • 55 ± 3

  • Mix part A and part B as 25:3 by weight.

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Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2

                                         |Epoxy Red Oxide Primer H53-2 Application Video

                                       |Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2 Product Description

This two-component primer is mainly prepared with epoxy resin, antirust pigment and curing agent. This product features:

●      Good antirust performance

●      Fast drying

●      Good resistant to water and chemicals

●      Excellent adhesion and mechanical performance

|Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Tyipical Uses

· Bridge

· Engineering machinery

· Metallurgy, mining machinery

· Chemical plant pipelines

||Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Product Packaging

        A:25kg                                   B:3kg

Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint

Part A: 25 kg in a 20-liter iron barrel

Part B: 3 kg in a 5-liter iron barrel.

|Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Basic Technical Datasheet


Iron oxide red, semi-gloss

Density, kg/L


Flash point, oC

Part A: 24

Part B: 27

Volume solid, %

55 ± 3

Impact resistance, cm


Pot life, h

5 ~ 6

Theoretical spreading rate, kg/m2


@ 80 µm dry film

VOC, g/L


|Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2 Compatibility:




H53-2 Epoxy red oxide primer

2*40 µm


H53-6 Epoxy mica iron oxide paint

150 µm


BS52-10 Acrylic polyurethane finish paint

2*40 µm

|Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2 Comment & FAQ

1. Who are we?

About Us We are headquartered in Jiangsu, China, established in 2016, and our market reach extends to Southeast Asia (40.00%), Africa (15.00%), Eastern Europe (15.00%), Western Europe (10.00%), the Middle East (10.00%), North America (5.00%), and the Domestic Market (5.00%). Our team comprises approximately 51-100 dedicated professionals.

2. How can we guarantee quality?

Ensuring the highest quality is our priority. We achieve this by: Conducting pre-production samples before mass production.

Carrying out thorough final inspections before shipment.

3. What can you buy from us?

Our product range includes a variety of offerings such as Alkyd Paint, Polyurethane Paint, Epoxy Paint, Acrylic Paint, Organic Silicone Paint, and more.

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

There are several compelling reasons to opt for our products:We possess a rich 22-year history dedicated to the development, production, and sales of heavy anti-corrosion coatings.

We hold the prestigious designation as the developer for a military unit and are located within the Changzhou state high technology industrialization base for new paint.

Our commitment to quality is underscored by ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certifications.

5. What services can we provide?

We offer the following services:Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, EXW

Accepted Payment Currency: USD

Accepted Payment Type: T/T

Multilingual Support: English and Chinese

Feel free to reach out to us for all your coating needs, and we will be delighted to assist you.

Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Production Process



Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Factory show.


 Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Certifications

Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint ROHS


Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint iso 19001

ISO 9001

Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint SRC


Acrylic Polyurethane Floor PaintCE


|Epoxy Red Oxide Primer H53-2 Case Show


Epoxy Red Oxide Primer case show

|Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Instructions For Use

  • Mixing

  • Mix part A and part B as 25:3 by weight. Slowly add part B into part A and ensure mixed completely.

  • · Thinner:

  • X-7 Epoxy paint thinner ≤ 10 % w./w.

  • · Cleaner:

  • X-7 Epoxy paint thinner

  • · Application methods:

  • Airless spray (recommended): Nozzle tip: 0.031-0.041 inch, pump: 45:1, pressure: 3600 psi minimum.

  • Brush: Nylon / Polyester natural bristle.

  • Roller: 3/8’’ – 1/2’’ woven with solvent resistant core.

|Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Company Profile

Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint

IMS Paint, one of famous trademarks in China, devotes to industrial paint research, production and sales since 2001.

Oriented by technology, we serve customers worldwide not only our high quality products, but also technical consultation and engineering scenarios. Cooperating with UNSW and BUCT, We invest millions to update our technology so that we can bring out better and cheaper products.

Our core products, including antirust paint, acid & alkali resisting paint, heat resisting paint, building & floor paint etc., help protect and extend substrate life for years.

Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint  Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint  Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint  Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint

|Epoxy Red Oxide PrimerH53-2Exhibitions

Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint  Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint  Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint  Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint      

Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint     Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint    Acrylic Polyurethane Floor Paint

If you have any questions about our products, reach out to IMS Paint customer service team.
   +86-18015818726
  No.2Building 12, Hengsheng Technology Park II, No.8, Beitanghe Road, Tianning District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China



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